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New Update!

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Sorry for the long wait! The botting issue has been taken care of and we will continue monitoring the situation. In compensation for the lost time, we have decided to do a legendary keyall at 3.30pm GMT! In addition to this, we have...
Announcement Server & Donor rank Information
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Hello People!
I am proud to announce that Skyblock will be ready to be released for Beta on 5pm GMT 4th August 2019. The beta will take place over the course of 3 weeks (or shorter). During this period, the top player will be rewarded with an exclusive Champion rank that...

Ranks and Perks

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Here is the information for the rank perks on skyblock currently!

3x Home
/sell hand
/nick (with colors)
/kit novice

All of...

Skyblock Beta Patch Notes

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4th August
- Fixed CommandNPCs Not working for users
- Fixed issue with users being unable to modify their own islands
- Fixed users losing inventory on teleporting to Skyblock islands
- Modified and updated shop prices...

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