1. Swearing - Inappropriate Language - Filter Bypass
    This is a friendly place and we do not tolerate swearing, offensive or inappropriate language, hate speech or any attempt to offend and insult another player. This also include disrespect. Do not disrespect players or staff.
  2. Spam/Flooding chat (keyboard smashing count as well)
    Spamming is defined as posting unwanted or unnecessary messages, often repeatedly in a short amount of time. Spamming includes posting random strings of symbols, using the same message over and over, asking for free ranks, and other things.
  3. Advertising
    Do not advertise any other server, network or product that is not related to RegentMC.
  4. Threats - Threatening (i.e dox, DDOs, etc) - also includes death threats and encouraging selfharm/suicide
    Any form of threats or attempt to encourage selfharm or suicide will result in a punishment.
  5. Be nice
    No using of racist, derogatory terms of any sort, this can result in punishments.
  1. Inappropriate usernames/skins
    Any username or skin deemed inappropriate by the staff team will be banned from the server until the offending feature has been changed to a more appropriate one.
  2. Use of illegal clients or mods (cheating)
    Any client/mod that provides a distinct, gameplay-changing advantage is illegal. Any modifications to any client or mod that will create an advantage over other players are not allowed.
  3. Scamming
    In-Game scamming is only allowed on Factions. Any attempt scamming anywhere else on the server or attempt to trick a player into revealing any personal information such as their password, home address, financial information, or more will result in a punishment.
  4. Bug abuse - Exploiting glitches
    It is not allowed to in any form abuse or exploit bugs or glitches. If you find a bug or glitch, please report it to a member of staff.
  5. Impersonation
    Do not impersonate players or staff, caught doing this will result in a punishment.
  6. Begging
    Do not ask for staff ranks or OP and this includes repeated requests for Server Staff to look at your Staff Application
  1. Alternate accounts
    It is allowed to use alternative accounts to play on the server, however, we have a limit of 4 accounts for each player. Using more than 4 accounts or using any alternative account to bypass the rules will result in a punishment.
  2. Punishment evasion
    Evading a punishment will result in a permanent mute or ban.
  3. Doxing
    Doxing is defined as leaking any private information without consent, typically for a malicious purpose. This practice can result in a ban from the entire network.