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    Forum Moderator Applications
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    Announcement Release of server

    Hey everybody! As 1st January nears us, it means that we are getting closer to the release of the server. Of course, this time, we made sure that everything will be better for everyone. We have added many new things, such as new builds, new plugins, and of course, this site (new design too)...
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    Announcement Launch of Kitpvp Beta

    Hello there! Greetings! I am proud to announce that kitpvp BETA 1.0 will be ready to release in 1 hour and 30 mins! The server will be unlike most kitpvp servers you have ever seen Features: - Scores - Unqiue map design (Very few servers have this) - Awesome anticheat - Custom Enchantment in...
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    Kitpvp BETA Patch Notes

    -Nothing so far-
  8. Mastergene

    Key bug

    Noted, still trying to find a way to fix it!
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    Dan's Introduction

    hehe, thanks! But I doubt that XD
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    Xaero's Introduction

    Ye! Hang on to your seats, kitpvp will be here really really soon :D
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    NotForgotten's Introduction

    Congratz on trial mod :D
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    Anything you guys would love to have?

    Feel free to tell me about them!
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    Dan's Introduction

    Hello Dan, nice to meet you! :D We are the same age hahaha
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    Hopper Bug (Again I believe)

    Is it possible that you upload it onto any video sharing site and link it to me on discord. IF possible, please check does it still occur. It could be a bug that is solved when server restarts.
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    What do you do when you're tired

    Title says it all :)
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    New Update!

    Hey! Sorry for the long wait! The botting issue has been taken care of and we will continue monitoring the situation. In compensation for the lost time, we have decided to do a legendary keyall at 3.30pm GMT! In addition to this, we have also added a couple of new things (PETS) and the other...
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    User Report Format

    Please use the following format when reporting any user: Your IGN: IGN of the user your are reporting: Explain in detail what happend: Where did this occur (KitPvP, Skyblock etc): Any evidence of this happening (Videos and Screenshots):
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    Bug report Format

    Please use the following format when reporting any bugs: Your IGN: In detail describe the bug: Where did this occur (KitPvP, Skyblock etc) : Evidence of this bug occurring (Video or Screenshots): Are you able to replicate the following bug? If so, please describe the method:
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    Fixed quite a few issues today while at school...

    Fixed quite a few issues today while at school