Announcement Launch of Kitpvp Beta

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Hello there!
Greetings! I am proud to announce that kitpvp BETA 1.0 will be ready to release in 1 hour and 30 mins! The server will be unlike most kitpvp servers you have ever seen

- Scores
- Unqiue map design (Very few servers have this)
- Awesome anticheat
- Custom Enchantment in Kits
- Crates
- Anti-grinding system

How does the server work? Players fight each other to gain points. However, when players die, they will lose points too. The points players gain will give you new ranks starting from Bronze III all the way to Legend. As players climb the ranks, players will be able to unlock new kits that are stronger so that they can be THE UNBEATABLE FORCE on the battlefield. Seasonal winners will be placed in our hall of fame, and they will stand to win attractive prizes.

Things to note: Since the server is still in beta, some kits might feel unbalanced but the situation will be monitored closely. Adjustments will be made to the kits and your server experience may change. There might also be bugs so please inform the staff or the owner - me. The beta will run for 3 to 4 weeks and depending on how the ranking players go, we will adjust the scores you earn and lose as you play.
With this announcement, I am almost removing the subscription rank,Titan, and putting that rank as a lifetime rank.

Server ip:

See you there!

- Gene


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.