New Update!

Sorry for the long wait! The botting issue has been taken care of and we will continue monitoring the situation. In compensation for the lost time, we have decided to do a legendary keyall at 3.30pm GMT! In addition to this, we have also added a couple of new things (PETS) and the other things will be mentioned below!

What's new?
We have added pets! You can customize their skins by buying them using tokens that can be earned from the donor store or from our quests! Donors also get special perks to customize their pets too! Read: Also, we have added 2 more ranks, Scourge and Titan! Scourge rank is the newest addition to our family and you will have special particles added to your pets YAY! Titan is a very special rank which allows you to have all SKINS unlocked for your pet! (Special ones coming soon too) We have also fixed a couple of bugs and also increased the server's performance.

See you all there when server reopens at 4 GMT

Note: Titan is based off on a subcription pricing model at 9.50/month. All ranks and perks can be bought at our store, The SSL certificate is still loading so while the website is said to be unsecured, all payments made are secured and you can advance to the store page by clicking, advanced > Proceed anyway.