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Important Rules!

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✘ No Inappropriate or Vulgar Language. This is a friendly place, there's no need to insult others and use profane words.
✘ No Inappropriate or Explicit Content. All avatars, images, attachments, links, and messages are to be appropriate.
✘ No Discrimination of other members. Racial and derogatory remarks are not tolerated.
✘ No Advertising or Promoting other Servers. Do not advertise other servers, services, or discords.
✘ No private advertising. Any users reported with substantial evidence of attempting to advertise through private messages will be punished.
✘ No Spamming. Anyone caught spamming messages or commands will be punished.
✘ No Soundboards or Voice Changers. These types of programs can be quite annoying in the channel.
✘ No Impersonating Staff Members. Impersonating a staff will result in an immediate ban.
✘ No excessive tagging of any staff members and/or the @/staff role.
✘ No botting of any kind (in-game or on discord)
✘ No asking for free ranks or free items.
✘ No cheating
✓ Appropriate Songs only allowed. Screamers, troll-songs, racist, sexual, and any form of inappropriate songs are not allowed.

✓ Refrain from making Political Discussions.

Staff have the ability to give out any forms of punishment if your actions are deemed inappropriate DM advertising other servers could result in an instant ban
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Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.