Skyblock BETA Patch Notes

4th August
- Fixed CommandNPCs Not working for users
- Fixed issue with users being unable to modify their own islands
- Fixed users losing inventory on teleporting to Skyblock islands
- Modified and updated shop prices

5th August
- Fixed issue with ore generators being unable to generate certain ore (still pending and awaiting feedback from users)
- Added Spawners into Shop
- Modified and updated shop prices
- Fixed issue with Certain DeluxeMenus not working
- Fixed issue with certain commandNPCs not working
- Re balanced Crates and rewards chances and rewards values
- Added Bungee Staff Chat for better communications
- Removed Default kits from Essentials to prevent confusions
- Fixed Monsters Spawn rate
- Added Litebans

13th August
Donors can now speak colors (Elite+ so that it wouldn't clump up chat)
- Pets and token shop updated/added
- Quests rewards are rebalanced
- Removed potions section
- Fixed Spawner Shop
- Fixed secret Island MiniShop
- Fixed Daily Rewards

18th August
Custom Ore generation updated and issue fixed
- Fixed Team member upgrades
- Fixed warp pvp not working
- Fixed Bug that allows players to buy skins for free
- Fixed keep exp not working on Demon rank
- Added small perks to your ranks!

30th August
- Prevention people using enderpearls to escape mines/arena
- Added vaults
- Added minions
- Added tokens to rewards
- Anti vpns to prevent bot attacks
- Fixed Koth Timings

(Currently known issues)
- Crates

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